I’ve been using my iPad for listening to music while on the road for a long while now. I’m not sure how I made the switch from my trusty old iPod Touch, it sort of happened without me noticing it I guess.

I carry my iPad with me every day, so it makes sense I use it for music as-well. I most often watch videos on my way, though, so with both music and movies on there space becomes an issue rather quickly.

Today I decided to (finally) upgrade my iPad to iOS5 (to the just-released 5.0.1 beta, actually), and with this clean my iPad from all music, giving me a lot more space for movies and TV shows. I’ve also refreshed the content on my iPod Touch, although I still only put lossless files on there, mostly as a test.

I’ve also decided to give my D10 Cobra a spin on the road. Before I kept using my other AMP, but the Cobra sounds better, so why the hell not, right? I’ll be using my trusty Etymotic HF5¬†earphones with this “music bomb”.

Also, I bought these new and awfully cute orange hair bands to hold the iPod and AMP together. Doesn’t it look cute? Aw..