For the past two nights (that I remember), I’ve been hearing this little kitten screaming sound. I first thought it was one of my neighbors who went out and got a kitten. When I went to bed last night around 10, however, I started wondering, because the sound was much louder than it would be if the kitten was somewhere inside. This could mean that perhaps they kept the cat(s) outside on a balcony or so, but you never know. So I decided to step out and look for the sound. To scratch my itch, if you will.

It took a little bit, but I ended up in a small alley behind the building next to me, and there I found her, hiding between two gas tanks. I don’t know if her owners had tossed her out or if she’s a street cat and lost her mom, but either way, there she was. It’s getting cold, so I couldn’t just leave her there.

Since I have two cats of my own already, I can’t really just bring a street cat in the house. Deceases aside, my cats won’t just accept a little bugger like this barging in and taking over their territory. Since the vet was closed (Sunday evening, 10pm), I wasn’t sure what to do, but ended up figuring my bathroom would be better than a back alley, so I took her with me.

After a somewhat noisy night, I had to take a shower this morning, so I closed the shopping bag I had set up with Spongebob pillow as a make-belief cat bed and put it on the floor in my kitchen, kitten inside.

My cats both refused to get out of the bedroom.

After taking a shower, I decided to hold the little one in my hand a bit. Using a glove to grab her (she had already enjoyed a nice chew on my finger the night before — I learn. Occasionally.) and petted her for a while, letting Forest and Gu-da get a smell too — from a distance, that is. Both ended up hissing at the little one. Figures.

After work I’ll immediately take her to the vet and get her checked out. I’m not sure yet what to do with her, I don’t know how well she’ll be able to get used to humans and my cats, or visa versa. Even more-so, I’m really not sure how I would potty-train a kitten as a single (cat-)parent with a full-time job..

Queue mission impossible tune?