Today I received two (out of three) records I ordered from Balmorhea. I try to order directly from the artist whenever I can, though it’s not always easy. Shipping costs can go quite insane. Fortunately, Balmorhea offered great prices and they had Constellations (my favorite) and All Is Wild, All Is Silent records in stock, so order I did. Soon thereafter, and big thanks to John for letting me know, their limited-to-500-copies River Arms suddenly got available as-well via their record company, but I didn’t receive that one just yet.

Back to these two, they were too kind in including the full album River Arms and their Live At Sint-Elisabethkerk CDs, which is really cool of them. What might be the greatest surprise, though, is a personal note written by Michael.

Signed albums, numbered copies, they’re all nice in their own right, but a hand-written, warm note without invitation might be the best of all.

Their beautiful music aside, of course.

Thank you, Michael.