In reverse. Spoiler alert.


This thing really is tiny.


There is just something quite beautiful about Apple products. While the Apple TV may not be the best example of stunning design, it’s beautifully simplistic design stands as a wonderful example of how minimalism can (and should) be done.

Today my (used) Apple TV arrived. It’s the first time I’ve owned an Apple TV. While its use in Korea is limited (with no content for it being available here), I think I’ll find good use for it at home. Air Play alone is worth the price of commission, I’d say.


Finally replacing my loud as shit transformer at home with this new, small transformer. Not sure why these things tend to have absolutely terrible design and colors, what’s the deal with those green stickers? Oh well, this’ll go inside my stand anyway.


I’ve been using the same shoulder bag for a bunch of years now, and it showed, coffee stains and all (in the non-creative kind of way). Younhee will be pleased to know I’ve finally “upgraded” to a new bag. What do you think?


Got my new old headphones today! Haven’t had a chance to listen to them properly yet, will need to take them home for that. Even so; Joy! ;)


The old ones, seen at the bottom here, were in dire need of being replaced. The top layer was breaking off, leaving specs of black all over my face whenever I wore these headphones. Quite irritating. The replacements pads are from Singapore and, as far as I can tell, not official. They do, however, fit quite nicely.

They’re quite soft, though the originals feel softer. I think this is more due to the age of the pads though. They’re comfortable to wear (I’ve been wearing them for several hours now, and am not bothered by them) and look pretty much as they should. The headphones almost look like new again.

I’m still waiting for my replacement headband (coming in from China, a generic one as I couldn’t find one specifically for this headphone), after which these cans should be all ready again for use as my main office headphones.

Finally went out and bought another record player. The one I’ve been using so far wasn’t really meant for casual listening (it’s a portable turntable with pre-amp and amp built in – it’s biggest problem in a living room setup, really). I now have the record player hooked up to my amplifier using the DJPreII phono amplifier. My speakers, amp and record player are all from Inkel, a Korean brand apparently rather famous locally, at least to those a few generations older (it seems nowadays they only really do some studio audio stuff).

The album playing is Nat “King” Cole’s Just One Of Those Things. Wonderful album!

omnia-ii-unbox-01And so, here we are. Three years in since the birth of Uncle Steve’s Jesus Phone, world’s most technologically advanced country (short of Japan, I guess) can now finally enjoy the wond’rous phone. After months of it’s coming soon now!, it kind of feels a bit too little too late for me, but I’m glad to see the phone here. At first I wasn’t sure how well it would go over here, but with over 60.000 iPhones pre-ordered in the first weekend, I’m guessing it’ll do just fine.

But I digress.

I was reading an article on Engadget, and was both amused and shocked by the responses people left on Samsung’s new amazing new Omnia II. I was fortunate enough to be able to gently stroke one myself, and must say that I wholeheartedly agree with what most people say. This thing is beyond horrible. Mostly because of that near-ancient Windows Mobile 6.5 it’s running on, but I can’t say I’m enjoying the not-all-that-touch-sensitive touchscreen, but perhaps I’m too spoiled with, you know, an actually working touch screen.

The screen itself is very crisp, I have to admit that. Apparently it boasts an AMOLED display, which might explain how awesome it looks. I think it would be a delight to watch HD(-ish) videos on that puppy.

Now, onto the juicy stuff, quotes from a few commenters on the aforementioned Engadget post;

I played with this at a local Bell store up here in Toronto and I was not impressed…the UI was neither intuitive nor responsive.

Honestly this thing is an experimentation in how many bad UI’s and and OS’s you can combine.

I feel bad for all the people waiting for this phone thinking it’s gonna be good.

The sad thing is that someone will buy this.

I would have trouble signing up for a 2 year contract for such ancient hardware, no matter how they tried to polish it by hiding the WM interface and giving it such a gorgeous looking screen.

resistive, slow response, real old technology nowdays. crappy. peroid.

Meh, would have been really nice… 2 years ago.

And also, on a more personal note to the guy making the Engadget hands-on review; How hard is it to control that freaking camera? Turn that auto-focus off next time, pretty please. Tanks.

So, how well will the iPhone do in Korea? Pretty well, I’d say. Competition is near non-existent right now, but I really do hope Samsung, LG, and even the Japanese brands that have been floating around here for ages will kick it up a notch (or six) and make some decent competition for the iPhone. It’ll take some drastic measures to get these people to change the way they think, though.

To wishful thinking!


See that beautiful border-less TV? A beautiful example of how one should never even attempt to sell things. I quote:

The LG marketing on this literally showed TVs with no border – the TVs looked like they went from edge to edge. However, that marketing has been swallowed up thus far and it looks like LG is backing away from the borderless concept, at least when it comes to talking about the TV. A quick search of the LG website shows that the borderless model aren’t being marketed that way anymore.

grinch_santaTake that, customer! Buy our non-existing product that promises so much and delivers nothing like we said! Somewhere, deep down LG’s laboratories, the Marketing department is grinning vividly, thinking they’ve finally outdone the rest. Pulled the biggest lie. Just keep that darn TV off, no-one will notice the borders. Oh those stupid customers. Mehehe.

(Via CrunchGear — Thanks, Miguel)