Got my last few rolls developed and scanned, this one stood out to me, I really like it. Big thanks to my beautiful model, of course :).


Got myself a Zoom H4n for some upcoming podcast and sound recording projects. Pretty nice little (well, relatively) machine, packed with useful features. It’s also nice that it has a standard tripod mount so I can use my little Gorillapod with it.


I’ve never really tried goat cheese before.. time to change that.

Bought from Waeg Farm, check them out:


At work on a Holiday. Serious stuff.



It’s a re-release of Radical Face’ first album, called Ghost. This is a limited edition run of 500, in gold color as you can see. I’m happy to finally have this album on vinyl, I only had the CD version before (still in The Netherlands).


In reverse. Spoiler alert.


This about sums up how I feel looking at all those poor caged animals, whenever I go to the Zoo. As much as I enjoyed my trip to the Zoo yesterday, I can’t help but leave it feeling rather depressed. So many sad, frustrated animals.


Youn-hee and yours truly.


Trust it to me to go to a “wild flower garden” and end up mostly making photos of the “normal” trees that surround the place.


This thing really is tiny.


There is just something quite beautiful about Apple products. While the Apple TV may not be the best example of stunning design, it’s beautifully simplistic design stands as a wonderful example of how minimalism can (and should) be done.

Today my (used) Apple TV arrived. It’s the first time I’ve owned an Apple TV. While its use in Korea is limited (with no content for it being available here), I think I’ll find good use for it at home. Air Play alone is worth the price of commission, I’d say.


My guilty pleasure.


Finally replacing my loud as shit transformer at home with this new, small transformer. Not sure why these things tend to have absolutely terrible design and colors, what’s the deal with those green stickers? Oh well, this’ll go inside my stand anyway.


I’ve been using the same shoulder bag for a bunch of years now, and it showed, coffee stains and all (in the non-creative kind of way). Younhee will be pleased to know I’ve finally “upgraded” to a new bag. What do you think?


Spring is here, for realsies now.

Photo taken in my (shared with my downstairs neighbours) front garden. One of the reasons I moved to this place is because it has a proper garden with two trees in it. Some of the other green has died out over the years it seems, but I’m planning on planting a few things myself to bring it back to it’s greeny goodness. This, of course, separate from my vegetable plants project, planned for my balcony ;-)


There she be, my purrty Gu-da :)


We’ve got fresh fruit delivered twice a week to our office these days, which really is quite lovely. Bananas, apples, strawberries and they occasionally mix it up with oranges or tangerines or the like. Makes it so much easier to eat a little more healthy, by the time I get home all supermarkets around my home that sells fruits has closed already.

Shakr: Ridding the world of McDonalds-designed bodies, one apple at a time!


It’s been a long while since I used this great little camera. Should use it soon again.


This is roughly what my view looks like three hours a day. Replace ahjumma perm with the occasional youngster, or old dude.