Where The Wild Things Are is one of those movies where I knew nothing about it before I watched it. I saw it casually walking by, shouted ‘Hey, he looks like Forest!’, and watched the movie. And boy am I glad I did.

Where the Wild Things Are is brilliantly put together. Awesome filmography and great acting by Max made me curious about the movie right off the bat. The story starts out with a young boy, seemingly quite lonely. His mother busy with work, big sister being, well, a big sister, Max is angry. After an event at the house one evening, Max makes a run for it, finds a boat, and there the story begins.

What I enjoy about this movie is it’s unique mood. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill fantasy movie. It’s touching, fun, crazy and gorgeously evil. It also beautifully leaves the question whether it’s really real or just a little boy’s vivid imagination right there for you to answer however you like.

The soundtrack by Karen O And The KidsĀ fits beautifully with the movie, and I highly recommend you pick up the album after watching the movie.

All in all, a highly recommended movie. Capitalized. Italic. Emphasized. Pie.