So I was unfortunate enough to witness Marcel Sarmiento’ latest creation called Deadgirl. What appeared to be an interesting horror movie (yeah, I know), turned out to be an.. well, how to put this.

It’s hard not to end up in completely ripping on the movie. I guess I liked the filmography, that’s something. For the rest, the characters were anything but believable, and if I understand this movie, literally all (american) teenagers are necrophiliacs, have no common sense and are, well, retarded.

The movie starts out normal enough with your usual 26 year old actors pretending to be 17, using the F-word more often than my colleague gargles his throat (and I tell you, that’s impressive), complete with shitty-ass hairdo’s and apparent need to constantly fondle your male friends. You know, the usual. Things quickly turn for the messed up, though.

When our two main ‘teens’ discover a living dead girl in the basement of an abandoned (mental?) hospital, things get freaky. Instead of, you know, calling the cops or, hell, bringing her to the hospital themselves, one of them decides to ‘keep’ her.

F***ed up bell ring numero uno, I guess.

The other guy starts whining like a little girl, and off they go on a discussion for about 5 minutes on why it’s a bad thing to do, but alas, it inevitably ends in them both doing exactly that; keep her.

F***ed up bell ring numero dos.

I called her ‘living dead girl’ before, because she’s still alive, but apparently can’t really get killed. How do you find out? Well, the first night alone, one of the guys raped the girl, and when she wouldn’t stop struggling, beat her until her neck broke. She didn’t die, though, and to prove that, he showed it to his friend by shooting her three times.

F***ed up bell rng numero tres, quatro, cinco and seis.

Why we didn’t turn off the movie at this time, I have no idea. Anywho, soon another friend joins in with seemingly no understanding of that what he’s doing, and later on in the movie two more guys ‘drop by’.

F***ed up bell ri– you know what, forget it.

The rundown; This movie is beyond ridiculous with no apparent meaning nor link to reality. Or I so to god hope not, or these (amerian?) teenagers are freaking screwed up. It’s a pathetic attempt to be unique, I highly recommend you do not watch this. You can thank me later.