I’m starting to loose track on how many times I’ve been in and out of planes.

While waiting for my friend saturday morning, I walked to a small park with a fountain, and made a few photos. After a while, a mother with child and grandparents came to play in the fountain. I looked at them for a short while, seeing how much fun the little bugger had, and wanted to make some photos. Usually I shy away from the fear they might think I’m some kind of weirdo for making photos of total strangers, but this time I figured.. why the hell not.

I walked up to the mother and grandmother, and using my sophisticated korean skills I asked them if I could make some photos, too (the grandmother was clicking away with a point-and-shoot camera). They immediately said sure!, and I asked the mother for her email address, so I could later send her the photos.

It took her a few minutes to write down her address, as she apparently had never used an iPod Touch before. The little guy tried to draw her attention by pulling a face like this, which I’ve found out is Korean for ‘hurry the hell up already’.

I only had a few minutes to spare, but I managed to snap a few photos. Fun times.

Last friday I went on a small trip out of Seoul. It’s been over a year since I last left the city, to I was pretty excited to get some real fresh air again. I went back to Cheong-ju, the city I stayed in the first time I came to Korea, well over three years ago. I saw some familiar places, and many memories came back to me. It almost felt like it was only yesterday I was wobbling about in Cheong-ju, young as I was. But mostly it feels like a lifetime ago.


Nature.. Oh, how I miss you..

Life’s ToDo list:

  1. Find out where/who soul mate is;
  2. Get Married;
  3. Get/keep fun, meaningful job;
  4. Move to america, buy/rent house as seen above, or similar;
  5. Get old together, die a happy man.

Stuck at numero uno right now. Lot’s to do, lot’s to do..

Albert in a panel together with a guy from NVidia, ‘can’t make me stop yapping’ Intel, and Qualcomm.

Unsurprisingly, the three big guys said nothing interesting, instead reverting back to the usual press-release like crap where instead of actually talking about The Future Of AR Hardware (the panel’s topic), they instead kept whining about the stuff they’ve already been doing, with the usual ‘and we will continue to work on..’ slapped on there. Shame on you, Intel/NVidia/Qualcomm. Shame on you.

Oh, and Intel just couldn’t shut up. Here’s daddy in his ‘quiet now’ pose, after Intel went over it’s 5-minute block of talking.

Not one for going all paparazzi on people, I snapped only a few quick shots of other booths at the event.

Qualcomm themselves apparently thought their work was so sleep-inducing they were handing out free power drinks to visitors.


Above photo may also be used as blackmail material.

Here, come on in, chillax in our Ikea chairs. Want some candy? We’ve got that, too. Oh yes, Qualcomm, suck it with your fancy techy looking pillars. Psuh!

I was told this one of the big guys of that impossible to properly pronounce website/blog/thingie.

At Wallgreens..
Me: Excuse me, could you tell me where the slippers are?
Lady: We don’t have slippers, sorry.
Me: Oh, that’s too bad.. Well, thanks anyway.
Lady: We do have sandals in that isle over there.
Me: …thanks!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but those are slippers, not sandals. Sandals are those funky thingies people were with socks in it, confusing the living shit out of people around them (make up your mind woman, if it’s too cold for you wear shoes!).


And, since talking is, you know, overrated and all, I ended up sitting with 3 guys turned around watching TV. Ahem.

Also, please do the laundry while you’re out there anyway, m’kay? Thank~

Not sure if tomatoes are considered fruits, but what the hell. It’s a photoblog, not wikipedia.

The first two days of the trip we ate Chinese food, which makes perfect sense. I mean, China is so far away.


On the third day I convinced them to eat something a tad more american-ish (“If you guys don’t eat something other than chinese food, I’ll eat on my own, thankyouverymuch.“), so we ended up at a Pizzahut. The pizzas were pretty darn good, aside from the fact that they were drained with oil. But goshdarnit, how amewican I felt.

And some other assorted foods devoured during my stay.

In “Ohmygawd I’ve only seen this is The Wire, it’s really real!” small paper bags, even! Holy cow!

Not quite there, but awfully close to dutch cheese. After being pretty much cheese-less for over a year, I’m happy.

The first two days we used a normal car, but replaced it with an SUV since we had to bring a lot of stuff to the convention. Two separate days at the car rental agency, both interesting and amusing to witness.

My first peek into that what is California.

Airports always make me feel sad; always saying bye to someone.

Getting ready to leave for California. With my nearly-asleep mind I thought I’d be good to make a photo of my iPad with the current CNN homepage, in case I need to prove I’m not smuggling iPads on my way back home, but forgot how my lens oh so prettily blurs out the background. Ah well :)

(Doing some serious catching up on my blog posting, because of my business trip to California I’ve now got this huge-ass backlog of photos, patiently waiting to be posted.)